Why Choose Massage2U

  • National company in operation since 2001
  • 100% guarantee the quality of our service
  • Value added service of ergonomic advice
  • Customised online booking systems for staff including payment options
  • We offer the use of lotion (not compulsory) which has active ingredients specifically to reduce stress
  • When set up in a room we supply therapeutic alpha music *
  • All of our therapists are qualified to nationally recognised standards and are members of recognised industry associations
  • Our therapists can provide treatment for staff who may be suffering from muscular aches and pains
* It is possible to measure a person’s dominant brainwave frequency in a laboratory by using an “Electro-Encepalogram”, or EEG. A simple, uncontrolled trial of brain responsiveness to Alphamusic was performed at the Medicina private clinic, in Krakow, in November 2002. Under the influence of the music, the client reported a dramatic reduction in feelings of stress and an increased sense of physical relaxation, as compared to their normal, very tense state.